Lecture Topics...

  1. Respiratory Pathogens
  2. Respiratory Infections in the Challenging Patient
  3. Anemia
  4. Obesity: New Treatment Options
  5. Top New Medications in Primary Care
  6. Hospital Privileges and Writing Admission Orders
  7. Simple Office Procedures Workshop
  8. Cardiac Assessment (Lecture or Workshop)
  9. Heart Murmurs (Lecture or Workshop)
  10. 12 Lead ECG Interpretation (Workshop)
  11. Radiology Workshop: Chest and Abdominal Xray Interpretation (Workshop)
  12. Type II DM
  13. Hyperlipidemia
  14. Arthritis: New Treatment Options
  15. Osteoarthritis: New Treatment Options
  16. Asthma: Adult and Pediatrics
  17. Allergic Rhinitis: Adult and Pediatric
  18. Antibiotics: Latest Treatment Options
  19. Pediatric Dermatology
  20. Osteoporosis
  21. Migraines: Current Treatment Options
  22. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  23. Suturing (Workshop)
  24. Eye examination (Workshop)
  25. Abdominal examination (Workshop)
  26. Dermatology workshop (elliptical incision, punch biopsy, cryosurgery, skin tag removal, shave excision, suturing)
  27. Presports Participation Workshop
  28. Malpractice prevention: Everything the NP Needs to Know
  29. Coding and Reimbursement: Essentials for Successful Practice
  30. Dermatology Across the Lifespan
  31. Cardiac Disease in Women
  32. Smoking Cessation: Quick and Successful Interventions
  33. Depression and Anxiety: Latest in Treatment Options
  34. Pediatric Heart Sounds (Workshop)
  35. ABECB/AOM/ABRS: Treatments Options
  36. Neuro: Assessment for the primary care clinician (workshop)
  37. The Red Eye
  38. Drug-Drug Interactions: Lessons from History
  39. Hypertension: A Focus on JNC 7
  40. Post-herpetic neuralgia
  41. Herpes Zoster: Consequences of a Painful Disease
  42. Laboratory Interpretation: CBC, LFTs, Thyroid
  43. Insulin Resistance Syndrome
  44. How to interview and get the job you want
  45. Headaches: Differentiating the Various Types
  46. New Horizons in Colorectal Cancer Screening
  47. Customer Service: Little Things Mean the Most
  48. Telephone Triage for the Clinician
  49. Heartburn and GERD
  50. Improving Documentation
  51. Contract Negotiation
  52. Beyond LDL – What Else Is Important to Reduce Risk?
  53. Abdominal Adiposity and the Role of the Endocannabinoid System
  54. Starting an Independent Practice
  55. ADD/ADHD
  56. Laboratory interpretation – A focus on WBC’s
  57. Drug Update: What’s Hot; What’s Not?
  58. Emerging Infectious Disease: A Discussion of New and Upcoming Infections
  59. Prescribing Safely: Avoiding Malpractice and Litigation
  60. Adolescent Immunization Update
  61. Immunization Update Across the Lifespan
  62. Evaluation of Common and Not so Common EENT Disorders
  63. Orthopedic Injuries in Children
  64. Pertussis: Update on Prevention and Treatment
  65. Challenging UTI Management
  66. Clinical Pearls of Practice: What I Wished Someone Had Told Me
  67. Managing Office Emergencies
  68. Screening Guidelines: Making Sense of the Various Guidelines
  69. Identifying Warning Signs During Routine Patient Encounters
  70. Case Based Approach to Hypertension Management
  71. Management of Pain in a Primary Care Setting